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Me4U Ltd.


e-Quatium and Me4U Ltd. have multilateral agreement of cooperation providing themselves latest market information on first hand.

This agreement allows get high-end results caused each partner is specialized in certain segments of market, running different prospect models and systems of evaluation. Sharing know-how and best practices the result for our customers become aggressively more efficient.

Me4U Ltd. services ensure the ‘business is better’ option! We provide an extensive range of skills and capabilities manifest in two major Disciplines – Strategic Analysis and Development, and Channel Business Development.

Strategic Analysis and Development
If you do not ‘step outside the box’ to review where you and your company are heading - because you are overburdened with operational issues or simply drift on a sea of indifference or complacency - then be warned, ‘business will be worse’! Me4U’s Strategic Analysis and Development Discipline is designed to prevent this happening. We will work with you on the development of new strategic business options and facilitate associated change management initiatives. Our Company works with the client to scope, design and execute the study, then analyze and report the results in a form suitable for use by customers, prospects, partners and the media.

Channel Business Development
If you are satisfied with your company’s strategic direction but question your ability to execute, then our Channel Business Development Discipline may offer the solution. This Discipline provides a comprehensive capability that encompasses all aspects of product/service route-to-market supply issues. If you are a hardware, software or services vendor this Discipline will guide you on implementing the optimal route-to-market for your product as well as on the implementation of procedures and processes to drive sales through the selected route(s).

For further details please refer to http://www.me4u.ltd.uk/


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