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José Miguel Rodríguez, 36 years.

Born in Madrid, he started early in the world of business working for a consultancy firm where several years after joined technology sector. He is Graduate in Business Administration by ESIAE/ESAE Paris and MBA by ICADE, having deployed some key roles in finance and general management working for IT companies in Spain and Portugal. Today he is fully committed with e-Quatium project as Partner from where he contributes actively to growth a number of companies within technology distribution channel.

José Luís Redondo Bellón, 45 years

Born in Madrid, active lawyer, teacher of Constitution Law. After 20 years of work he gets numerous experiences in business that makes him a key person to have on board in this project. He is Graduate in Law by University Complutense of Madrid and master in Law and Economy of Enterprises. Nowadays he is main teacher at EOI in the area of Setting-up and Consolidation SMB Companies.


Santiago Rayán Díaz, 38 years

Analyst Programmer, Degree in Computing by University Pontificia Comillas and Graduate in Computing by ICAI. His working experience drove him to develop e-commerce platforms, appliances in web environment and CRM design tools for both front-office and back-office company’s areas. His dedication over the last 11 years allows him maintain a permanent status of knowledge when implementing automated IT tools to simplify any business’ activity.


Alejandro Valtierra del Val, 47 years

Born in Madrid, Bachelor in Business Administration by ESIAE/ESAE Paris and master of Design in Web Applications. His creativity reached him at highest recognition level from marketing and advertising community in Spain, where he is dedicating more than 14 years of experience. He is specialist in Dynamic Marketing for Channels in products and services, delivering great ideas from his exciting talent in permanent development.


Roberto Calzado Morán, 32 years

Law degree at the UCM, his career has been geared towards brand marketing since it begins in Via Digital and other mass media companies, acquiring the necessary skills to manage every aspect required in design and brand marketing. He has successfully developed marketing campaigns for clients such as Philips, Save the Children, Correos or the Ministries of Internal Affairs and Health on projects related to different aspects of communication and branding.


Edgar Figueroa, 36 years
Graduate in Business Administration by the Universities of Oviedo and Westminster (London). His career has been developed at bank sector as senior manager at BNP Paribas (Madrid) and Argentaria (Paris) within corporate finance divisions and credit risk management. Likewise he dedicated more than six years being Credit Manager at Euler Hermes Spain. Taking advantage of his deep experience, he is responsible for Risk Management consulting services developing innovative methodologies adapted to the current economic context.


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